Entrevista Exclusiva de Business & Marketing News, con Daniel Idzkowski ceo de Peekshare #Entrevistas

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Entrevista Exclusiva de Business & Marketing News, con Daniel Idzkowski, ceo de peekshare http://www.peekshare.com, que nos platicara mas de esta nueva . Quien es Daniel Idzkowski?

Estudio en University of the pacific-Eberhardt School of Business, es un consultor independiente que en Agosto del 2013 tuvo la visión de crear Peekshare que nació de los esfuerzos combinados de sus fundadores Daniel Idzkowski y Morgan McQuown.

1.How does Peekshare born and what its main purpose?

Peekshare’s mission is simple: we want anyone to have access to a secure, private, and fun social network without having to worry about data plans or if your phone is good enough.  As other applications were becoming more and more complex and adding features that were expensive, they began distancing themselves from the simple expectations that many people in Latin America had.  While other applications are in competition for who can add more features and complexity, they do not take into account the hidden costs in battery and data consumption.  We wanted to go in the opposite direction and deliver the fun of disappearing content in a way that is not a burden on users with limited data and technology.

2-What does it mean messaging content?

The meaning of content-driven messaging, or the idea that each conversation may be started using content, is very simple.  We want to remove anxiety of starting conversations. The best way to do this, we have found, is to allow users to start conversations using images that either they have shared, or that were shared on the local network.   Think about the last time you mentioned the weather with someone you just met. Let’s be honest here, with the exception of a category five hurricane, no one really cares about the weather.  This feature that drives the application is just a digital form of something we all do naturally everyday with each other

3-What would be the mainly differences between Peekshare and the other social networks?

The main differences with Peekshare and other networks is our core mission.  We want simplicity and efficiency to always be at the core of our application.  We think that privacy is very important, and we think that sharing disappearing photos is both a private and fun way of sharing your life with your friends or people locally.  Every minimalist feature we include is built with this mission in mind.  Our latest feature that is unique to Peekshare is the ability to share images locally with the ability to categorize using hashtags (#).  Imagine going to a football game and starting a trending hashtag called #SCSAOPAULO and everyone who is at the game can share images and add to this tag, and everyone interested in the game may follow this hashtag. The big difference with other social networks, all these images would only be viewable once and would disappear.  This is the fun and magic of Peekshare.

  1. What segments does Peekshare is looking?

We made Peekshare for the vast population of users that love sharing, being social, and messaging but do not have the access to large data plans that are sometimes found in North America or Europe through big mobile companies.  One of our favorite applications is WhatsApp; however, it leaves us always wanting more.  Our goal was to achieve that level of efficiency and simplicity, but implement an element of fun and social in a private way.

5- What do the market think about Peekshare?

The initial reaction to Peekshare has been very positive.  Within the very first few days of launch before we were even able to launch our marketing campaigns we had achieved a top 5 ranking in the social category in Colombia, with our growth growing steadily in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil.  We are very excited to see where the next few weeks takes us and we’re glad to see so many people share our passion for battery and data efficiency as a core principle of social and messaging applications.

6-¿Does Peekshare would have presence in Latin America?

We believe that Peekshare will not only have presence in Latin America but that it will be the core of our users.  We’ve found that for many countries in Latin America the only thing they seem to love more than sharing and being social using mobile apps is saving on their pre-paid data plans.

  1. How Peekshare change the behavior of people who frequently visit social networks in a personal level?

don’t necessarily believe that you can change the behavior of people using a mobile app.  But we think that applications can enable behaviors that are already existing within people’s habits.  I think that our concept of content being the driver for messaging will enable people to have more conversations, with more friends, and build more meaningful relationships.

  1. Where do you want to see Peekshare in 5 years?

It is impossible to predict where we may be, but I think we’ve gotten this far by listening to the users that love our application.  I think Peekshare has the potential to be as large as any of the other messaging apps and social networks.  Our immediate goal is to empower those users that currently may not be using social networks because of their complexity or data usage and give them exposure to “efímero” content.  We think the nature of disappearing photo sharing is private and fun and we would like to grow our application with this belief.

  1. 9. Nowadays, how is the trends in social networks between young people?

One of the major trends in social networking is going toward local.  Although disappearing content is at the core of our application, it is really the local component that is driving the majority of our user engagement and interest.  People love connecting with people around them, who love similar things, and have similar interests.  Our local feed is currently our most successful feature and we expect this to continue into the future.  We especially think our feature to let users express themselves and share content locally and create trending hashtags will continue to empower users and help them feel more connected with their local areas.

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